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01 Passage Pt1

02 Winds

03 Tides

04 Searching

05 From Under The Sun

06 Embers

07 May

08 Through Time

09 Equinox

10 Now I Am Found

11 Rotations

12 Drifts

13 Waves

14 Passage Pt2



Release date: July 5th 2019

Known predominantly for his work in film, Paul Saunderson brings us his debut album as a composer. Three years in the making, this album has taken an increasingly autobiographical form and is a landmark in Paul’s career. The 14 pieces take us on a journey, which ultimately returns at the arrival point ‘Passage Pt2’.

“A lot has happened over the last 3 years in my personal life, including a lot of change for the better. I now feeling more grounded than before, and this album represents that in a way. ”

Not resolving the final chord intends to reflect the ongoing and, although this particular passage of life might have finished, many more adventures still lie ahead. 

The overall sound is a refreshing blend of electronics and field recordings with classical instrumentation. Each track leads into the next, creating a continuous flow and listening experience. Sonically isolated piano works dispersed through the album are designed to offer the listener moments of relief from their more epic and euphoric neighbouring works. 

“I have always been interested in combining electronics with classical music, something that has become a large part of the writing in my film work. Music and nature have always held a strong bond, so I also wanted to retain an organic element, often creating sounds from field recordings, taking something literally from nature and turning it into music. Many of the electronics heard in the album are either manipulated electronic guitars (provided by Chris Ketley), or found sounds turned into synths and pads. These elements are then combined with the more standard piano and string trio set.”

There are instances on the album where strings are used in non traditional ways, playing undulating textures or, for example in track 11, you can hear the string trio acting like gated pulsing synths in an attempt to blur the lines between synth and string.


“It was an honour to work with soloists from the London Contemporary Orchestra, creating unique textures and styles of playing, as well as being able to work with LCO lead violinist and long-time friend Galya Bisengalieva,”

Furthermore, track 7 (entitled ‘May’), is homage to his grandmother, who passed away before the album’s completion and was an important inspiration for Paul whilst growing up. 

“Being able to make this dedication and to work and record with friends for my debut album were just two things that made this whole process extremely rewarding. I hope some of that personal honesty and shared love, along with the passion and commitment I put into this work comes across in the end.”

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